Larklight Rising


Due no doubt to Mr Reeve’s literary success and the recent interest in his excellent Mortal Engines books, Larklight has been reissued with yet another cover. Here is a recap of what can be expected within its Victorian-suffused pages…

Marvel as the full force of the law is brought down upon alien miscreants…


Ponder the intricacies of gravity-independent architecture…


Meet interesting characters from the farthest reaches of the Empire…


Experience travel in exotic locations…


Expand your knowledge of the universe beyond…


Be exposed to comment in a medical institution…


Circumnavigate Jupiter in style…


Sail into spider-infested asteroid fields with space-pirates…


Sadly, the new edition has dispensed with the adverts that appeared at the beginning of the previous editions, which is a shame as they set the tone of the book quite nicely. But here they are now…



2 Replies to “Larklight Rising”

  1. Just my favourite childhood books. I always loved your illustrations in these, they add such flavour and humour. Shame the adverts won’t be included as they were one of my favourite little details!

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