Gap Year Ends in Massive Rabbit Caper

1About a year ago I decided to have a spell of time away from illustration, as I suddenly had the feeling I might prefer to eat my own kidneys than ever draw another picture. I had been doing it for quite a while, so I suppose a change was long overdue. I’m happy to say I didn’t spend the days lolling about in a dressing gown watching television (luckily I own neither), although now I’ve typed that, I find the idea disturbingly attractive. I may do that next time. But as it turns out, not earning money is rather inconvenient if you want to eat, replace shoes, fix broken windows, etc.

Luckily, a pleasant job popped up courtesy of writer Kieran Larwood. The publishers were keen on using double page spreads for the illustrations, which meant I could get my teeth into some tasty environments. I was still a bit fragile in the visual image department; the only subjects I could contemplate  drawing without utter despair were trees, so the first few pictures were basically woods with little figures in them somewhere. Gradually I could ease myself out of my twig-based comfort zone and attempt some rabbit-on-rabbit action. To make life even more bearable, I was allowed to use pencil, which was scanned and beefed-up with a spot of Photoshop craftiness. Here are a few of the pictures…




The book is called Podkin One Ear, published by Faber & Faber in October.

Coming soon to this blog: A Miscellany of Mythical Beasts, in which I do some paintings of trees that happen to have mythical beasts in them, and What I Did During My Year Off.

19 Replies to “Gap Year Ends in Massive Rabbit Caper”

    1. Thanks Keith. Yes, I’ll be dropping off 6 ‘Local Characters’ for Widdershins Part 2 next week. Nothing new, but all are original paintings that have never been seen outside of my kitchen.

  1. So glad you’ve returned to your art, I’ve missed seeing your new creations, you capture so much magic in your paintings! 😀 Love these illustrations, big fan of cute furry creatures with weapons, will definitely be buying this book 😀

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