The Widdershins Report


On Friday night the Widdershins exhibition was officially opened.

The preview evening was extremely well attended; the gallery could barely contain the throng and it spilled out onto the street (filled with the sounds of Klezmer, ably evoked by Tim, Lisa and Rima).



Two of the exhibiting artists can be spotted in the above photograph, Brian Froud and Terri Windling. All the other artists were in attendance, with the exception of Wendy Froud who is recovering from an operation (get well soon Wendy!) and Alan Lee who is still wrestling with Hobbits in Middle Earth (New Zealand).

The top picture features a sculpture by Virginia Lee with a lovely background by Neil Wilkinson Cave. Below, A Paul Kidby sculpture calmly observes my Gidleigh Goat going about his business…



I took lots of pictures on the night, but because it was so hot they all came out blurry (except this one which features a back view of Marja Lee). To make up for this here is a link to a front view of Marja by Brian.



On Saturday we did a mass book signing and I stayed on to see Paul and Vanessa Kidby present a talk (if you weren’t aware, Paul is Terry Pratchett’s main illustrator as well as an excellent sculptor). I sneaked into the gallery just as it was closing to get some non-blurry snaps…












Hazel Brown displayed a selection of intriguing Faerie assemblages (above). Hazel has known the Frouds for many years and provided the typography for Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book, amongst other things. Below, Paul’s sculpture guards a couple of Alan Lee paintings (one is the Widdershins painting detailed earlier in this Blog).



Next week, Hazel, Virginia and I are attending a ‘coffee with the artists’ thingy; Terri Windling will be overseeing. There will be lots of previously unseen artwork to rummage through, and lots of insights into the creative mind (at least that’s what I’m hoping to get). There are also lots of other events going on over the course of the exhibition; check the Green Hill site for all the details.


8 Replies to “The Widdershins Report”

    1. Yep. I forgot to mention how well the exhibits were displayed – no mean achievement. Terri also wrote a number of quotes and passages on the walls (like some literary guerrilla graffiti artist). It reminded me of her old cottage that was covered in murals and similar inscriptions…

  1. Visited the gallery on Sunday with my husband. We went to see Danielles work; but were thrilled to see the fabulous works. I’m returning with my 8 year old & we bookedinto the fairy wing making course! I’ve just ordered ‘Frogspell’ for my daughter. 🙂

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